55 days until our trip!

It had been over a month since I ran at all and months since I ran more than a 5k, but I’m supposed to run a half marathon on our trip sooooo I’m back at it. It’s almost like starting over right now. I ran about a 5k (walk/run) last night and less the night before. I’m at the super exhausted stage of training. I get home, shower, eat and go to bed.
Now onto Disney stuff, I heard they changed the Disney Dining plan for quick service to remove the desserts that came with meals and add one snack.  So you lose two items and gain one that you can choose later. I suppose you’re getting less, but I think it’s still a better deal for Shawn and I. I’d rather choose a snack later than get a tiny cake.
We splurged for this trip and have a reservation to go to a Star Wars fireworks dessert party.  We often don’t stay for fireworks, so this will be fun!
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