Disney Transport

When we go to Disney we use Disney transport the entire time.  Even when we drove down and had a car I think we only used that to get to restaurants off property.

When I heard about the express transportation, at a decent price, I was ready!  I still have a million questions to bog down some poor castmember with once we’re there, but this post on wdwforgrownups was informative.  Click here: Guest Review: Express Transportation At Walt Disney World Parks

Currently we have the required park hopper tickets and I was wanting to get the express transportation.  I was also considering upgrading our tickets to annual passes since I wanted to get memory maker (photo pass) and a reason to return to the parks later in the year.  I heard on some podcast that if you have an annual pass you have to pay the daily rate for the express transportation, which at that point isn’t a good deal.

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